Our mission statement

Providing secondary aftercare for victims of Modern Day Slavery, to empower a life of Freedom and Independence.

Restore is a faith-based organisation existing to provide women who have experienced Modern Slavery with a place to call home, a place of safety where they can find restoration, freedom and a hope for the future. From this beautiful place of shelter, the women receive support from our staff and volunteers.

Through a holistic approach to recovery, we aim to equip and empower women. Restore delivers a well-rounded programme looking at various areas of support and healing, such as: 

Trauma Recovery

As a Trauma informed organisation, we look to provide access to various therapies, seeking to break the chains of trauma and fear.


Building confidence and resilience, strengthening emotional wellbeing, as well as nurturing physical care in fitness and nutrition.

life skills

Support to develop in areas such as learning English, computer skills, numeracy, budgeting, cooking and health & safety.


Employment, educational or volunteering opportunities, support with all streams of agency aid, such as benefits and legal, and preparations for independent living. 



After trust has been broken, we aim to help rebuild it by bringing great people into the resident's lives to befriend them, take them out on activities, escort them to appointments and to be that smiling face that encourages them.


We want to give women who have experienced things we can’t begin to imagine the hope of something better, their true worth and value and the opportunity to dream again.

We don’t want people to just survive, we want them to thrive and flourish.

We are Restoring Hope and Upholding Freedom!

Since coming to Restore,
I have a plan for my future.
I feel safe here.
My health is better and I sleep better here.
I am happy and I feel more confident.
— Survivor at Restore

1. Rescue or Escape

The vital first step that the police and several NGOs in the UK are tackling.


Those rescued are accommodated for 45 days.


The final but ongoing process to restoration, freedom and independence.

No. 3. Restoration - this is where Restore steps in

A person can be delivered from their physical captivity, but it requires a longer journey to walk into true freedom. We want to celebrate a person’s rescue or escape from MDS (Modern Slavery), but this is only the beginning. What lies ahead can be a hard, long and very complex journey.

The experience of exploitation can leave a person fearful, untrusting and vulnerable. Without support, they go on to live a life carrying the trauma and pain. They are also vulnerable to revictimisation either because their perpetrators come looking for them, new people preying on their vulnerability seek them out, and sometimes even because they see no other choice but to return to what they know.

Restore seeks to not just tackle the practical’s of setting up a new life but works to see freedom from trauma, victim-perspectives and the lies they’ve been told as a result of their exploitation. We don’t just want people to survive but to flourish.

It is widely acknowledged that the key to breaking the cycle of slavery and seeing the restoration and growth of survivors is long term support. Currently there are only a handful of organisations who are providing this long-term care and supporting survivors through the process.

We have to remember; we aren’t just dealing with numbers and statistics; we are working with people. People who have dreams, talents, plans and so much to offer the world. Restore’s mission is to provide the stability, empathy, understanding and specialised support to ensure all these things within the individual can blossom and come to fruition.