Modern Slavery is the umbrella term for activities involved when one person obtains or holds another person in compelled service

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situations of exploitation are where one person has taken away another’s freedom - their freedom to control their body, their freedom to choose, refuse or stop certain work, activities or circumstances. Freedom is taken away by threats, violence, coercion, abuse of power and deception. the result? that person is controlled and cannot refuse or leave the situation without repercussions.


Sexual Exploitation

Forcing, coercing or deceiving a person into performing sexual acts

Forced Labour

Forcing a person to work for little or no pay

Domestic Servitude

Forcing a person to perform services of a domestic nature in unacceptable conditions within a residential environment


Forcing a person to work for very low wages to pay back a debt. This debt is often passed through the generations

Organ Harvesting

A persons organs, e.g. liver or kidneys, are harvested without consent, to be sold

Child Soldier

Forcing a child to participate in armed conflict

Criminal Activity

Forced participation in criminal activity. This can include pick pocketing, begging and drug cultivation/trafficking

Forced Marriage

Physical, psychological or emotional pressure to marry against one’s will

Human Trafficking

 Human Trafficking - For a person to have been a victim of human trafficking there must have been:

  • Action: recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, which can include either domestic or cross-border movement

  • Means: threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or position, or giving or receiving of payments or benefits used to control a person - (there does not need to be a means used for children as they are not able to give informed consent)

  • Purpose: exploitation

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There are a number of ways in which a person can find themselves being held in a condition of slavery. Almost every country in the world is effected by Modern Slavery and Trafficking, whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims. It can affect anyone of any age, race, status or gender; however, slavery will always affect people and communities who are vulnerable.

There are many ways someone can become vulnerable, including; poverty, the breakdown of family and governmental structures, conflict, the need for love and relationship, desperation, lack of opportunities, culturally acceptable practices, debt, corruption, and even natural disasters, to name but a few. Unfortunately, there are always people who are ready to prey on these resulting vulnerabilities.

When we know these methods we are empowered to prevent this evil crime.

  • False job advertisement

  • Sold by family

  • False romantic relationships

  • Abduction

  • False Immigration

  • Poverty

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In the UK

  • In 2014 The Home Office estimated that there were 13,000 people living in slavery at any given time. However, the Global Slavery Index estimated it was closer to 136,000 people living in modern slavery in the UK on any given day in 2016*

  • In 2018, 6,993 potential victims were submitted to the National Referral Mechanism, this saw a 36% increase on the 2017 total of 5,142 referrals

  • Potential victims were reported to be from 130 different countries of origin

  • The top 5 most common nationalities were UK, Albania, Vietnam, China and Nigeria**