There are many ways you can raise funds for Restore and help make a difference to a survivor’s life. here are some ideas for how you can get started…



Why not challenge yourself and ask people to sponsor you as you push yourself to the limits?

  • Marathon

  • Sky Dive

  • Bungee Jump

  • Abseiling

  • Cycle Ride

  • Sponsored Walk

  • climb a mountain

Lend a helping hand

Help your friends, family and community by taking part in practical acts of kindness as you raise money for Restore

  • gardening

  • Walking the dog

  • Do a neighbour’s shopping

  • Wash a car

  • Supermarket packing

  • Painting a Decorating

  • cleaning

Host an event

Put on a great event, invite all your friends, have lots of fun and raise money! You could throw in a raffle for good measure!

  • Dinner Party

  • Afternoon Tea

  • Bingo

  • Coffee Morning/Cake Sale

  • Clothes Swap

  • BBQ/Picnic

  • Car Wash

Offer your skills

What skills or abilities do you have to hand that could create an opportunity to raise for victims of Modern Slavery?

  • Tutor

  • Teach an instrument

  • offer transport

  • Translation

  • Cooking

  • Personal Stylist

Personal Fundraising Ideas

  • Check out out link to The Giving Machine - click here and sign up to donate money to Restore via your online shopping

  • Email Signature - Why not include our donation link in your online signature and encourage your colleagues to get involved? You may also get donations from generous external contacts

  • Loose Change - Invest in a piggy bank and collect that loose change… it all adds up! Pay it into your bank and donate your gift on our donation webpage!

  • Why not have a spring clean of your house and head on down to a car boot sale near you! Make space in your house and raise money for a great cause!