After trust has been broken we rebuild it by bringing great people into their lives to befriend them, take them out on activities and to be that smiling face that simply encourages them.

Trauma Recovery

All survivors need support to recover from the trauma of trafficking. We do this by building long-term relationships, providing opportunities for regaining valued social roles and accessing both traditional and alternative therapy.


Individuals can be most comfortable with peers who understand, and have lived, their own struggles. We provide networks to enable this to happen with the survivors we support.


Many survivors have been robbed of the opportunity to learn those things that many of us take for granted. We help them build a foundation for life, from things such as learning how to cook, to budgeting, and from personal wellbeing to communication skills.

We can’t address issues of employment, life skills, or anything else until we address the trauma. How can we expect someone to get a job when they can’t even get out of bed or are afraid to leave the shelter?
— Treating The Hidden Wounds, 2008
It only takes a few days to break a woman, it takes many years to help rebuild her life. What we have learned is that life after trafficking is no less dangerous than life in trafficking.
— Animus Association Foundation, La Strada, 2008 p.83