1. Rescue or Escape

The vital first step that the police and several NGOs in the UK are tackling.


Those saved from trafficking are kept in a safe house for 45 days.


The final but continuous process to see a soul restored and rebuilt to the life intended.


Our work is in Stage 3: Restoration.

What good is it to escape traffickers, only to re-live the trauma over and over again every day in your mind?

Rebuilding the life intended means working to help survivors overcome their past and enjoy their future.

Rescuing a life from trafficking is only the beginning of their recovery, but currently only a handful of organisations in the UK are helping survivors begin the real work of living a life free from fear: the life that they intended once upon a time.

Being trafficked leaves an individual broken, afraid and untrusting of any individual. And all too often, they slide back into the ‘life’ they escaped as they have nowhere else to go. 

Yet these are people who had plans, hopes and dreams for their life that can still be accomplished. We must not forget them, leaving them to be the lucky few who escaped, but help them to rebuild the life intended.